What to Do with a Science Degree

July 31, 2021-August 1, 2021

Online Event

Recording Available

Are you currently taking a science degree and don’t know what to do once you graduate? This event is for you!

Hear from students currently in masters, PhD, and professional programs as they share their journeys through their STEM degrees, and professors on their experiences in advanced education.

We will also have a wide variety of speakers from the industry side of things, who will tell you all about the ways to get involved and kickstart your career right out of school.


There are many exciting opportunities out there for what you can do with a science degree, and we want to give you a window into science’s role in the world of industry! We have speakers from a diverse range of fields who will tell you about their journey, experiences, and give their hard-earned wisdom to better inform the path you choose to follow. You may even find science in the “real world” in areas you least expect! Join us on July 31st for an action-packed day of insight and perspective on how to get into industry with a science degree.

Industry Recording

Advanced Education

Our second day, we will be talking about what you can do with a science degree regarding advanced education! We will bring in various graduate students, professors, and academic advisors who will discuss their experience and talk about the avenues you can take with a science degree. From research to graduate degrees to administrative positions, we will give you the information and tools you need to know regarding what your science degree can do if you choose a path of advanced education.